20mm thickness PE liners with holes

20mm thickness PE liners with holes

20mm thickness PE liners with holes

HDPE sheet 20mm

Features of UHMWPE/ HDPE sheet:

1.Best shock resistance even in low temperature

2.Low frictional factor, and well sliding bearing material 

3.Lubricity (no caking, in adhesion)

4.Best chemical corrosion resistance and stress craze resistance

5.Excellent machinery process ability

6.Lowest water absorption

7.Paragon electric insulativity and anti-static behavior

8.Nice high energy radioactive resistance

9.Abrasive resistance which always have in thermoelectricity polymer

Application of polyethylene sheet:

Marine Fender Face pads/Dock bumper

Temporary road mats/Outrigger pads

Roller&hockey&blade synthetic ice rink

Cutting board&Chopping board

Tank, Hopper, Chute & Silo linings;

Machined parts,Food processing facilities;

Chemical and structural tanks and covers.

We offer excellent sliding properties and abrasion/wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction. HDPE Sheet is very
tough and impact resistant, even at low temperatures, it is lightweight, easy to weld but difficult to bond.As a thermoplastic
sheet manufacturer in China, Xinxing can supply both single color and Dual-color HDPE sheets to suit customer demands. We own the
most advanced Extrusion machines to extrude HDPE sheets with fixed material under certain pressure and temperature.HDPE Sheet has
an almost waxy feel to it and is pretty good at being a low friction wear strip material and is used probably more than any other
plastic as a wear strip on conveyors or production lines of huge companies. While it is difficult to bond effectively to anything,
which means that HDPE Sheet will need to be physically or mechanically fixed in place using screws etc.
Mode of Forming
HDPE Industrial Sheets(Engineer Sheet)
HDPE UV Stabilized Sheets
HDPE Anti static Sheets
HDPE Anti flame sheets
hickness range:1mm-30mm
Length:Any length
Width max:2500mm
Standard sizes:1220*2440mm;1000*2000mm
Standard Colors
Blue,grey,black,white,yellow,green,red and any other colors according to customers' requirements

Glossy surface hdpe sheet dingle layer one color
textured hdpe sheet single color /matte surface hdpe
textured hdpe sheet Double color or three color /matte surface hdpe
*Food storage and freezing equipment
*Cutting boards, kitchen counters, kitchen shelves
*Protective surface in the food processing industries
*Acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment
*Water tank, washing tower, waste water, waste gas discharge, water treatment equipment
*Chemical containers, medicine and food packaging
*Machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, decoration and other fields
*Clean room, semiconductor plant and related industrial equipment
*Gas transportation, water supply, drainage, agricultural irrigation
*Pump and valve components, medical appliance parts, seal, cutting board, sliding profiles
*Outdoor recreational facilities and indoor house furniture, Sound Barrier, Toilet Partition, Partition Board and Furniture ,
Rainbow chairs

extrued surface hdpe Key Area of Application
* Children’s garden toys
* Garden slides
* Fish pond liners
* Playground equipment
* Fishing boxes
* Camping equipment

More photos
Playground equipments can be made of HDPE single color and Dual color sheet
Very safe for Children
They make the best playground equipment components for children playground such as slide, safety stair, spring rider, Tic Tac Toe
panel, flooring; as well as sculptures, decorative roof and signage.
strong 3 layer high-density polyethylene sheet with texture surface

yellow hdpe sheet smooth surface                       
color extrued double color hdpe plate                           
                  hdpe use for playground                         
Designed with children’s play equipment in mind, our unique double embossed material is an example of innovation at its best.
Manufactured with a contrasting coloured core,XINXING HDPE is non abrasive and non toxic, allowing designers the freedom to
explore new concepts using multiple colours to create new and interesting products for young children.
Company Profile
Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd

Established in 1989, Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the largest manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main engineered plastic products include UHMWPE sheets and rods , HDPE sheets and rods PP sheets and PVC sheets , etc . We can also supply a huge range of custom machined plastic parts such as Marine fender, Ground protection mats, Composite rig mats, as well as Ice rink series products like Ice rink dasher board , synthetic ice panel and hockey shooting pads . .Our industrial plastic products are widely used in North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia and many organizations and government projects due to their outstanding properties. Xinxing engineered thermoplastics are chemical resistant and extremely strong compared to common plastics.We manufacture all plastic products in strict accordance with ISO9001 production standards. Meanwhile we passed UL factory Audit, SGS Quality Audit , and kinds of third party lab tests for different products , to guarantee a high-quality , high-standard, safe and healthy production environment for workers and customers .

We always share the things " Quality first , Customer first , keeping improving " to win more benefits for our partners.Xinxing welcome for your cooperation !
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

BY AIR ; BY SEA ; BY TRAIN or as needed

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we look forward to receiving your any enquiries

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