ice rink hockey shooting pad synthetic ice board

hockey shooting pad as size can workable as request

ice rink hockey shooting pad synthetic ice board

ice hockey shooting pad ice hockey rink pads

Home work Hockey Skill Pad

The standard size of Plastic PE board hockey shooting and stickhandling pad:  Any size we can make as you need .

Size                                                         Colour    Weight 

30"X60"X3/16" (760mmx1520mmx5mm)   White     5.5kg 

28"X52"X3/16" (710mmx1320mmx5mm)   White     4.5kg 

24"X48"X1/8"   (610mmx1220mmx3mm)  White      2.1kg 

30"X60"X1/8"   (760mmx1520mmx3mm)  White      3.3kg 

48"X96"X1/8"   (1220mmx2440mmx3mm) White     8.5kg 

58"x24"x1/4"   (1470mmx610mmx6mm)    White     5.0kg 

58"x24"x2/5"   (1470mmx610mmx10mm)   White    8.5kg 

Why pay for ice time when you can shoot at home?

Our hockey shooting mats provide an excellent surface for practicing your hockey shooting skills. These hockey shooting mats allow pucks to glide smoothly across the surface simulating on real on-ice puck action.

They also prevent your $200 hockey sticks from being damaged by concrete or pavement practice. The slick hockey shooting mat enables you to use your game stick and not have to worry about your stick blade getting scratched up.

The 24″ x 48″ hockey shooting mat is great for small area hockey training skills such as stickhandling and shooting practice. You’ll be able to develop your slapshot, wristshot and backhand shot away from the rink day after day.

The best way to become a goal scorer is practice, practice, practice. The better your shot, the better your goal scoring ability. The hockey shooting mat can provide you years of practice while you work your way to the big leagues!

Recommended storage in garage or indoors when not in use to prevent damage.

*Due to soft plastic, light scratch marks may be present


  • 24” X 48” Hockey Shooting Mat
  • 3/16″ Thick Hockey Shooting Mat
  • Hockey Shooting Mat weighs approximately 8 pounds
  • Hockey mat is easy to store in garage or basement
  • Hockey shooting surface is perfect for at home practice
  • Hockey shooting mat a high value for hockey training aids

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