rig mat drilling mat for Oil platform

rig mat drilling mat for Oil platform

rig mat drilling mat for Oil platform

XINXING Dual base layered Hollow temporary road mats

XINXING provides Dual base layered Hollow temporary road mats  high-performance matting systems to industries including oil & gas, utilities, pipeline construction, general construction, military, heavy haul, entertainment & film, sports arena and facility management, as well as other premium markets that require the durability and longevity of thermoplastic material for site access or temporary surfaces.

XINXING hollow temporary road mats is a new design by XINXING same as the famous Dura base mats which provides a safe, cost-effective surface for year-round, all-weather performance. Engineered of high-performance thermoplastic by Newpark's team of experienced technicians, XINXING Advanced Composite Mats provide a tough, field proven and protective surface that can be used for any application that requires access in special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection.
The reason why come to buy XINXING composite hollow track mats:
Solid ground support in all soils
Provide safe work platform for personnel in all conditions
Reduce site construction cost
Reduce site reclamation cost
Reduce transportation cost
Reduce liner cost
Reduce liner disposal cost
Protect site from spills

Application of the advanced composite road mats:
1)Construction sites:
 Our innovations in temporary roads and work sites have enabled builders and contractors to get their jobs done in all kinds of weather and over some of the most sensitive terrain on Earth. Our incredibly strong and versatile Advanced-Composite Mat System has provided job site access for the construction of stadiums, the renovation of historic monuments, the building of hospitals, the remodeling of commercial buildings and much more.

Regardless of where your project is located, xinxing Advanced hollow Composite Mats are the perfect solution to get the job done safely and efficiently.
3) XINXING Advanced-Composite Mat System provides flexibility and mobility to your live event protecting existing ground cover assets.
4)Advanced-Composite Mats provide a safe, continuous temporary work surface.
5)Our innovations in composite and thermoplastic products enable the durable and lightweight site enhancements required for an effective fighting force for military
6)With the ever-increasing demand for oil and gas today, it is vitally important that companies have access to resources in all types of terrain and also protect the environment.AtXINXING  Mats and Integrated Services, we have been helping the oilfield industry get where they need to go since 1960, providing innovative temporary road mats and rig mats as well as integrated oilfield services. Drilling fluids in difficult terrain or environmentally sensitive locations can create major access challenges.
7)Advanced-Composite Mats are engineered to handle heavy loads safely and reliably. They are designed to be lightweight for ease of portability, reducing time and transportation costs.

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