HDPE plastic rebounder board for football traning

size 1000x500x30mm etc cut to size

HDPE plastic rebounder board for football traning

portable soccer rebounder wall for kids training


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Brief Introduction:


soccer rebounder specializes in the design, development and creating of cutting edge training facilities.

Our team continuously pursues new innovative ways to optimize your football training and performance 


In our pursuit of excellence in which we set the industry standard, we have implemented the revolutionary technology of FitLights, AirBody, Ball Canon, and Soccer Rebounders . With superior knowledge and expertise in football performance, our company strives to provide revolutionary training solutions.

Material: plastic,

with excellent wear resistance,

good low temperature impact resistance,

self-lubricating, non-toxic, water and chemical resistance,

can be widely used in impact, abrasion, corrosion resistance,

not Adhesion, low noise, in line with industrial mining and higher health needs, greatly reduce the operating costs of equipment and maintenance costs and improve overall economic efficiency.

Soccer Rebounder provides complete flexibility and can be used wherever you are and whenever you have the time and inclination.

Standard sizes

Size 1: 1x0.4m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 2: 1.5x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 3: 2x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Product Name

UHMWPE plastic soccer rebounder wall




20mm, 25mm, 30mm

Standard Size

1000×400mm, 1000×500mm, 1200×500mm,

1500×600mm, 2000×500mm or customize


Wear-resistant, Impact resistance, not break


Black, white, blue, yellow or customized


Steel Frame Leg, Plastic leg

Exported Countried

Germany, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Uruguay, Colombia and so on


ISO9001, SGS, CE


Any small size need us to cut , we can satisfy your special need.

portable soccer rebounder wall for kids training

soccer training wall (2).jpg


Equipped with handles for easy carrying.

You can train in the lawn or in the room.

Size and thickness can be customized to meet children and adult football club training.

You can adjust the direction, control the bounce of the ball and meet the training needs of the players and goalkeepers on the football field

 Application places

Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centres

Home training installtaions:tread mills,shooting zones,stick handing

Ice-hocky,speed and figure skating,curling

Shopping centres

Sport shops



Entertainment and holiday parks.

Other uhmwpe sheets and hdpe sheets, welcome to ask!


Professional football players soccer bounce training use
Football club customised large plate for player training
Football fan, buy small board, always carry.
Custom tennis wall panel for tennis player training


portable soccer rebounder wall for kids training

plastic wall.jpg

plastic wall

Product details

rebound board leg type


Type1 :Steel frame 
Type2: plastic PE leg (can folding)

 can be customized as well

Other sports products :

Football door :

Our football doors can be folded for easy installation and easy to carry.

The football net has hole width 10cm and 5cm.Color is optional.

soccer training wall.jpg

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Company Information


Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., the very professional manufacture in China,which providing the UHMWPE and HDPE products with its advanced machine and high technique.

Established on 1989, we have nearly twenty years experience in making UHMWPE and HDPE products.We develop and manufacture UHMWPE and HDPE products and deliver them to all over 30 countries.Our mainly products is UHMWPE Marine fender pad, UHMWPE Liner,UHMWPE Sheets,UHMWPE Parts and HDPE Sheet and so on.

Our people are dedicated to produce more and more high quality and technique UHMWPE and HDPE products for customer.

We are not a large factory but a most professional one which allow us to strive for quality products,short time delivery, best service at a reasonable price.

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xinxing company.jpg 

Xinxing is high tech manufacturer and installer of aluminum framed skating arena rink boards and dasher boards systems for hockey ice rinks, figure skating, inline skating, soccer, lacrosse, football and related accessories.


Available as either steel or aluminum construction, all of our dasher board systems are custom designed, manufactured and installed by us to your specifications. When you purchase a dasher board system from XINXING CHEMICAL you are guaranteed to get the best quality product at a competitive price. 

  • Retrofit or new construction
  • Aluminum and steel dasherboard systems
  • Permanent and portable systems
  • Stainless steel hardware standard on all systems
  • Powder coated panels available any colour for both aluminum and steel frames
  • Prefabricated or on-site build
  • Demountable systems for easy conversion in multi-purpose facilities
  • Supported or seamless systems available
  • Contact us today to discuss your needs or to receive a quote based on your specific requirements.