uhmwpe truck liner uhmw pe 1000 plate upe board

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uhmwpe truck liner uhmw pe 1000 plate upe board

uhmwpe truck liner uhmw pe 1000 plate upe board

Good lubrication and exceptional low abrasion coefficient character of UHMWPE sheetmake it to be chosed to be the lining of many chute , coal bunker , truck liner , mixing silo lining and other project whose conveyor cohere easily when it been unloaded and delivered . Adopting UHMW-PE sheet as lining can help the company or operator save much time and money .


Material :PE500,PE1000,PE2000

1.Advantages :

•High Abrasion Resistance

•High Impact Resistance

•Low Coefficient of Friction

•Chemical Resistant


•Less expensive than stainless steel

•Excellent retrofit for protective linings 

2. mould Size:

2000x1000x(6-300)mm 2250x1000x(6-300)mm





Any size within the standard size is available , cutting to size .


Black,Blue,Yellow,Green,White,Red,Orange ,any other color will be available


Coal bin liner/Silo liner/Hopper liner/Coal Chute Liner/bunker liner/hopper liner/granary plate/track liner/track bed liner/ HMWPE coal bunker liner board prevent cohere/ chute liner/ UHMWPE Plastic Dump Truck Liner. 

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