Antistatic UHMWPE board UHMWPE sheet

Antistatic UHMWPE board UHMWPE sheet

Antistatic UHMWPE board UHMWPE sheet

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is a common machinable plastic known for durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness as well as abrasion, impact and chemical resistances. UHMW plastic features a molecular weight that ranges from 3.1 million to 100 million grams per mole, with an abrasion resistance that continues to improve as molecular weight increases.

Antistatic UHMWPE board UHMWPE sheet

Antistatic UHMWPE board UHMWPE sheet

UHMW's anti-static sheet is the ideal product for applications where static electricity tends to pose problems in manufacturing environments. With a surface resistance of 105 to 109 (ohms/cm2), anti-static UHMW handles tough conditions where dust and static electricity tend to arise, including those in grain elevators and munition plants, effectively safeguarding your materials against static discharges. With high levels of heat and corrosion resistances, UHMW anti-static sheets protect robotics and other products that are sensitive to dust accumulation and electrical charge buildup.

UHMW anti-static sheet is self-lubricating, features no moisture absorption and is available in sheet, rod, board and profiles.

Anti-static UHMW can move products more safely in potentially volatile environments, such as munitions plants, grain handling facilities and explosive assembly facilities (air-bags) where a spark can cause a dust explosion. Anti-static UHMW protects products sensitive to build-up of electrical charges.

Surface Resistance
Modified to exhibit anti-static properties, its surface resistance ranges from 105 to 109 (ohms/cm2). Anti-static UHMW is available in sheet, rod, board and profiles and is compounded for situations where dust and static electricity pose significant problems.

Low Coefficient of Friction
Anti-static UHMW is used in applications where high levels of friction are likely to arise including conveyor guard rails, augers and wear strips, belt scrapers, chain guides, and idler rollers. Due to an extremely low coefficient of friction, its inherent lubricity minimizes heat-generating friction that tends to gradually destroy steel parts, and ensures smooth, noiseless operation.

Self-Lubricating Formula
High durability, low friction and wear resistance are key reasons why anti-static UHMW is the material of choice for a myriad of applications. Anti-static UHMW offers an extremely low coefficient of friction due to a specialized built-in lubricant that replaces unwanted grease and oil. It also enhances efficiency and productivity in many applications. Anti-static UHMW is self-lubricating formula helps to extend part life because the internal lubricant ensures that parts will not break or need replacement.


Material :PE500,PE1000,PE2000

1.Advantages :

  • Resists static build up
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding impact strength, even at low temperatures
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricating
  • Easily machined with common woodworking tools
  • Great chemical resistance

2. mould Size:

2000x1000x(6-300)mm     2250x1000x(6-300)mm

3040x1220x(6-300)mm     3000x1300x(6-300)mm

3050x1220x(6-300)mm     3000x1500x(6-300)mm

4500x2000x(6-200)mm    4700x1250x(6-150)mm

5000x1300x(6-180)mm    6000x1830x(6-200)mm

Any size within the standard size is available , cutting to size .


Black,Blue,Yellow,Green,White,Red,Orange ,any other color will be available


Electronic conveyor and assembly components, chute and trough liners in the packaging and grain industries and ammunition work surfaces. 

Standard and custom cut-to-size pieces and custom parts also available.

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