UHMWPE Truck Liners for Dump Trucks

UHMWPE Truck Liners for Dump Trucks

UHMWPE Truck Liners for Dump Trucks

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UHMWPE Dumper truck liner

UHMWPE Truck bed liner

UHMWPE bucket liner
UHMWPE Truck liner are found increasingly more in the back of dump trucks and dump trailers. The exceptional & continual benefits of these UHMW liners far outweigh the relatively small initial expense.  Here at Mentor Dynamics, we offer a full range of UHMW dump truck liners and dump trailer liners with the quality and pricing you need in today's work environment.  Our goal is to help you find the best dump truck liner solution for your needs.  

Our UHMWPE Dump Truck liner have the following advantages :
--Designed for hauling rock, dirt, sand, gravel and other abrasive materials.
--Fabricated from UHMW-PE.
--Self lubricating properties release sticky material quickly.
--Excellent abrasion resistance with very good impact resistance.
--Much more wear resistance than our FloPro HMW liners.
--Nil-Water absorption guards against freezing material to the liners.
--UV stabilizer protection prevents deterioration from the sun's damaging rays.