ice rink hockey tiles 500x500x10mm

ice rink hockey tiles 500x500x10mm

ice rink hockey tiles 500x500x10mm

price USD8-USD10 per sheet

XINXING’s Synthetic Ice – Revolution plastic skating Tiles! The smaller, lightweight, flexible Synthetic Ice design means you can throw-down and pick-up your artificial ice surface anywhere! Take home ice advantage to a whole new level. Revolution Tiles now come in two Thicknesses to offer you more years if needed!


Regular Tiles are 10mm and last 3-5 years VS. Premium Tiles which are 12mm and last up to 5-7 years.

The  tiles are sold individually with no minimum order.

Patented symmetrical tiles clip together in any direction. Assemble an entire surface in minutes!

New and improved formula for our revolutionary plastic skating tile offers our slickest and smoothest skating & puck handling experience.

Best coefficient levels of friction on the market. 10-15% greater than frozen ice means it’s perfect for resistance training!

Self-lubricating agent means no need for wax or add-on liquids.

Built with UHMWPE for better performance and durability.

UV protected and weather resistant to withstand outdoor cold and heat.

Improved construction and lightweight, flexible design better accommodate uneven terrain while remaining strong enough to park vehicles on them.

Easier and more affordable to ship than larger traditional Synthetic Ice panels.

Enhance your tiles experience and keep the puck in play with our new Puck Stopper Edging Containment System or use our Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.

Revolution Plastic skating Tiles come with 2-year warranty.