ice rink floorball rink board 20x40m or 10x20m


ice rink floorball rink board 20x40m or 10x20m

floorball rink , 旱地冰球围栏,儿童球场小围栏

20x40m area floorball rink board

Floorball Rink 40x20m RSA white + 2 trolleys

Floor ball fencing guard for floorball rink hot sale floorball rink Floorball board, 旱地冰球场厂家

专业生产易拆卸溜冰场/旱冰场/滑冰场围栏、围板、围挡 可根据客户要求或者图纸加工定做,欢迎电函联系 杨玉琴-156 5340 1606 ; QQ:2759863635

For size 40x20 m :

XICERINK Floorball rinks  SGS certified- size 40x20 containing 52x2m, 4x1m, 4xoblouk, 2 carts incl. transport on the CR. XICERINK Floorball rinks are made from polypropylene and includes a two-meter, one-meter and corner pieces. The connection between units is achieved by an elastic rubber tensioning system, and 2 P / D Standard color is white cushions and black (blue on request).

 Resistant to breakage, the possibility of advertising stickers on both sides.


2meter floorball Rink board-

Floorball Practices and Drills

floorball rink board


 corner floorball rink board-

Floorball Practices and Drills



floorball rink baord package -

Floorball Practices and Drills

transport by trolley


Floorball rink area feedback from customer:-

Floorball Practices and Drills


Floorball Practices and Drills

Rink size and segments quantity

The 40 by 20 meters size rink needs the following number of individual segments: 52 pcs of the 2 m, 4 pcs of the 1 m and 4 pcs of the rounded corners. For the individual needs for different quantity use a help of a rinks calculator to find out how many pieces do you need.


A 40 m long side of the rink need 18 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment. A 20 m long side of the rink need 8 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment. A rounded corner is expected to be 1,5 m long on each rink side out of an imaginary corner point at an angle of 90°.

The weight of segments

  • The 2 m piece : 8,8 kg
  • The 1 m piece : 4,4 kg
  • The rounded Corner – 9,5 kg
  • Weight of the set: approximetely 515 kg

Storage and shipment

The rink is stored

  • leisurely in horizontal position, with the maximum 10 pieces being stacked, one bottom edge over another. Stacking additional pieces over this standard 10-piece pile is not recommended as shape alterations in bottom pieces might occur.
  • on trolley (for ground 40 x 20 you need 2x trolleys) 

Regrading Goal:


             Design            Price ( Each )                           Delivery time
  • WxHxD:

    90x60x40 cm

    was  USD 120.00 
    *Now only USD 100.00
     15days together with floorball board


    140x105x40 cm

      * USD150.00 

     (if more quantity

    have discount)


Floorball goal other size and ICE floorball rink boards

  • High-quality, sturdy goal made from steel tubing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes net
  • Underside with plastic caps
  • Foldable and easy to store away
A high-quality, sturdy goal made from steel tubing for use in schools and clubs. The ideal goal for floorball.

  • Made from steel tubing, ø approx. 22 mm, powder-coated, white
  • Folding net brackets with snap lock
  • Green net, mesh width approx. 4.5 cm
  • Net included

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 90x60x40 cm, approx. 6 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 140x105x40 cm, approx. 6.5 kg


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