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Crane outrigger Pads – Heavy Duty UHMW Jack Pads

Crane outrigger pads

Crane foot bearing support

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Engineered outrigger pad

Heavy duty outrigger pad

Jack outrigger pad

Crane mat

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Uhmwpe outrigger pad

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Product Overview

Outrigger Pads – High Performance Heavy Duty UHMW Jack Pads HDPE polyethylene Outrigger Pads, Custom Outrigger Pads, Stabilizer Pads, UHMWPE Crane Pads for Sale with lightweight and long-lasting, offer stable support when operating cranes, aerial work platforms and mobile plant, which has a huge advancement over the more traditional wooden and steel alternatives.

Outrigger Pads – High Performance Heavy Duty UHMW Jack Pads Application:

Standard of Square Outrigger Pads

DimensionLoad CapacityWeight
400*400*40 mm
12 t
6.3 Kg
500*500*40 mm
15 t
9.9 Kg
500*500*50 mm
18 t
12 Kg
600*600*40 mm
20 t
14.2 Kg
600*600x50 mm
25 t
18 Kg
600*600*60 mm
30 t
21.2 Kg
800*800*40 mm
35 t
25.3 Kg
800*800*50 mm
40 t
31.3 Kg
800*800*60 mm
45 t
38.4 Kg
1000*1000*80 mm
100 t
78 Kg
1200*1200*80 mm
120 t
115 Kg
1500*1500*100 mm
200 t
210 Kg


Standard Size of Round Outrigger Pads

DimensionLoad CapacityWeight
35 t
25 Kg
800*60 mm
40 t
30 Kg
900*50 mm
45 t
30 Kg
900*60 mm
50 t
35 Kg
1000x50 mm
50 t
29.25 Kg
1000*60 mm
60 t
40 Kg
1000*70 mm
75 t
50.75 Kg
1000*80 mm
80 t
61.5 Kg
1200*60 mm
90 t
66.4 Kg
1200*70 mm
110 t
77.45 Kg
1200*80 mm
120 t
88.5 Kg
1500*80 mm
160 t
144 Kg


All terrain cranes

Telescopic crawler cranes

Truck mounted cranes

Rought terrain cranes

Lattic boom crawler cranes

Compact cranes

Hydraulic trailers

Grove hydrostatic pump


Rough Terrain

All Terrain

Crawler Cranes

Xinxing Polyethylene Outrigger Pads, Custom Outrigger Pads, Stabilizer Pads, Crane Pads for Sale put under the support-leg Truck Crane, Crawler Crane, Rough Crane, Boom Pump, Concrete Pump, Fire Truck, Utility Truck, Tree Trimmer, Any type of Aerial Equipment and so on, for making the machine work safely.

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Product Name: Crane outrigger Pads – Heavy Duty UHMW Jack Pads