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Football Dasher Board Rink Backyad Wall Board

Product Name
ice hockey dasher board
Board Density
0.93-0.97 g/cm
Coefficient of friction
Water absorption
Molecular weight
3 million to 9 million
Impact strength
198 KG/M2
Elongation at break

Product Overview

Portable ice hockey dasher board / ice rink fence ice rink system

Enjoy the on ice experience all year long in your backyard , basement, garage or anywhere you might imagine! Select Ultra-High Density( UHMWPE-Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethypene synthetic panels for:

1. Commercial use 

2 .Figure skating

3. Hockey practice

Football Dasher Board Rink Backyad Wall Board

Select Ultra Density(HDPE-High Density Ployethylene) synthetic panels for:

Home or backyard ice skating entertainment

Home ice hockey games and practice

Main advantages of synthetic ice rink (UHMWPE/ HDPE panel/ pads) over a real ice: 

Versitility: personalized rink shapes and size; choice of rink surface colors; different thicknesses according to need


Maintenance: no compressors or complex machinery; no cold generation (no chillers, no generators); low maintenance energy cost; low water consumption

Football Dasher Board Rink Backyad Wall Board

Football Dasher Board Rink Backyad Wall Board

Packaging & Shipping

International standard pallet with plastic film

Our Services

We provide all shapes and colors UHMWPE/ HDPE ice rink panels, pads, sheets for skating, hockey, skiing

Company Information

What we do

We produce all kinds of UHMWPE, HDPE products for any shapes, sheets, rollers, gears, all you need, we'll supply


Where are we

Our company located in the UHMWPE products intensive center, Dezhou, our factory location is 30 minutes 

to the Dezhou East Station, which is one hour and a half to Beijing

When we established

The company founder has been engage in the engineering plastics business for nearly 30 years. Since 

1989s, our own factory was built and the company starts operation.


Why chose us

1. Years of experience in UHMWPE production

2. Cooperate with leading raw material manufacturer and leading company in marine system

3. High virgin grade with 100% high quality raw material

4. Package and delivery by international standard pallet

5. Strict test equipments


Raw material

HDPE , steel, plastic, PC or glass top

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Xinxing is the largest Group manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main products include UHMWPE & HDPE sheets,  double colour HDPE sheets and parts, as well as custom machined plastic parts such as, UHMWPE Synthesis of ice, PE hockey shooting board, plastic ice rink barrier, ICE  RINK system, ICE HOKCEY RINK SYSTEM, FLOORBALL RINK, SOCCER REBOUNDER etc. Email: jade@sdxxhg.com

Product Name: Football Dasher Board Rink Backyad Wall Board