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HDPE Ground Protection Mats Heavy Duty Road Way Grass Cover Mats

Xinxing access mat is a lightweight and durable 100% polyester roll out matting system specifically developed to create a permanent or temporary route for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users).

Product Overview

Xinxing access mat is quick to install and remove. It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all. It is available in several widths and lengths and you can easily connect mats together. Its weight of 2kg/sqm guarantees its resistance and high durability. It requires low maintenance and doesn’t retain sand within its surface that’s why technical staff loves our AccessMat!

Xinxing access mat has been manufactured with recycled polyester fibers since 2020. Xinxing access mat is recyclable so it reduces its impact on environment.


Temporary flooring

Portable access roadways

Protective matting systems

Stadium ground covering

Outdoor Events/shows/festivals

Building site access works

Construction, civil engineering and ground work industries

Emergency access routes

Golf course and sports field maintenance

Sports and leisure facilities

National Parks


Utilities and infrastructure maintenance

Boat regattas


Temporary roadways and carparks

Military sites

Caravan parks

Heritage sites and eco friendly areas


Physical Properties  ASTM  UnitValue
Density  D1505  g/cm30.96
Melt Index  D1238  g/10min 0.5 
Brittleness Temperature  D746  °C<-40
Shore D Hardness  D2240

Xinxing is the largest Group manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main products include UHMWPE & HDPE sheets,  double colour HDPE sheets and parts, as well as custom machined plastic parts such as, UHMWPE Synthesis of ice, PE hockey shooting board, plastic ice rink barrier, ICE  RINK system, ICE HOKCEY RINK SYSTEM, FLOORBALL RINK, SOCCER REBOUNDER etc. Email: jade@sdxxhg.com

Product Name: HDPE Ground Protection Mats Heavy Duty Road Way Grass Cover Mats