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HDPE Plate for Ice Hockey Rink Dasher Board


Product Overview

Normally the standard dasher board systems made by the following parts 
1. Steel or aluminimum frame 
2. Puck board 
3. Kick plate 
4. Hand rail

Yellow HDPE sheet for Dasher boards owned high impact strength & easy to clean. Can be bent, formed, welded and cut easily making it very versatile. There is a reason that that our dasher board is the best all-around plastic sheet in North America; it simply excels in strength, color and durability.

Dasher Board Quality: Dasher board is a plastic sheet product with strong properties. We manufacture it with premium grade resins using an extrusion system designed for engineered polymer sheets.This produces a consistent quality. Our dasher board not only utilizes ultra-violet inhibitors to give it a long life in the harsh outdoor climates experienced in the North American markets, we also include a superior colour impregnation system that resists fading! No one else offers long life colour like this! All our coloured sheets are poly-masked so you will have a non-scratched surface after you install it and peel the masking off.


Outdoor or Indoor facilities!
Our puckboard is used for all high impact applications
Food contact applications. Our dasher board is FDA approved for food contact!
Wash bays and other areas that require an easy to clean surface.
Anywhere you require a tough, easy to clean surface. 

We manufacture our own material so you can be assured that you are getting the best product.  We manufacture puck board in many sizes and thicknesses and will sell you a single sheet or full pallets. We ship via containers to all over the world. People all over the world love our puckboard! We do not use junk fillers or cheap reground fillers to lower our price as this will cause cracking and fading down the road.

Xinxing is the largest Group manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main products include UHMWPE & HDPE sheets,  double colour HDPE sheets and parts, as well as custom machined plastic parts such as, UHMWPE Synthesis of ice, PE hockey shooting board, plastic ice rink barrier, ICE  RINK system, ICE HOKCEY RINK SYSTEM, FLOORBALL RINK, SOCCER REBOUNDER etc. Email: jade@sdxxhg.com

Product Name: HDPE Plate for Ice Hockey Rink Dasher Board