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ice hockey rink Ice rink training ground

Enjoy the on ice experience all year long in your backyard , basement, garage or anywhere you might imagine! Select Ultra-High Density( UHMWPE-Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethypene synthetic panels for:

1. Commercial use 

2 .Figure skating

3. Hockey practice

Product Overview

To install glass the dasher board should use double layer dasher board or thick dasher board so that enough stronger to suppor the glass. 

Ice Rink   Ice Rink 65ft x145ft

single layer dasher board is better choice when your ice rink not install glass: the dasher board can open the door on big board .

Ice Rink 65ft x145ft

Another choice the dasher board top with net can keep more safe when you play football.

Ice Rink 65ft x145ft

Ice rink UHMWPE synthetic ice panel size can workable as your area size to design: with nice connect way, better sliding surface,

Ice Rink synthetic ice panelIce Rink ice panel check before package

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Product Name: ice hockey rink Ice rink training ground