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HDPE shooting pad UHMWPE synthetic ice hockey panel


Even on off-days away from games and practices, hockey players still love to hone their craft and work on their skills. Unfortunately, unless you have 24/7 access to a rink, there will be times when you can’t get on the ice to practice things like passing or shooting.

This hockey shooting pad simply isn’t the same as on ice, as the puck and your stick move differently on these different surfaces. A great option to be able to replicate the feel of ice for shooting and stickhandling is a shooting pad.

These can be incredibly small and fit in most spaces, but can also be massive.  

Product Overview

HDPE shooting pad UHMWPE synthetic ice hockey panel

Specifications and Features:

  • Thin Construction – A lightweight and thin synethic ice makes this hockey shooting board easy to set up and move around 

  • Large Surface Area – What is almost a standard size for the XL hockey shooting pads, the shooting board has dimensions of 48″ X 96″ for plenty of room to hone your skills

  • Great Synthetic Ice Feel – Even though it is constructed thinner than some of the other shooting boards, you won’t notice this at all when you’re shooting or puck handling as long as it is on a relatively solid surface

Photos for show :

A pad with handleB pad with handles and passerB pad with handles and passer
HDPE Hockey Shooting PadHDPE Hockey Shooting PadHDPE Hockey Shooting Pad

Passer system :

HDPE Hockey Shooting Pad

Size of hockey shooing pads :

Hockey Extreme Passing Kit Pro XL - Shooting Pad with Puck Rebounder

My Shoot PAD hockey practice board

Virgin HDPE Shooting Pad / Ice Hockey Training with Rebound Passer

Shooting Pad Sidelines 152x77cm  hockey Training splatte


Here are the three sizes available from XICERINK:


The popular shooting pad size we have : 
1. 508x914mm (20"x30")
2. 710x1320mm (28"x52")
3. 500x1000mm (19.68" x 39.37")
4. 1220x2440mm (48"x96")
5. 600x1500mm (23.62"x59.06")
6. 610x1016mm (24"x40")
7. 610x1220mm (24"x48")
8. 762mmx1524mm (30"x60") 
9. 762x2438mm (30"x96")
10.1370x3048mm  (54"x120")


Testing Out the Hockey Shooting Board


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Product Name: HDPE shooting pad UHMWPE synthetic ice hockey panel