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Soccer Rebound Board Soccer Passing Accuracy Training Aid

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Professional soccer rebounder board;

  • Made with top-quality HDPE;

  • Durable and solid;

  • Impact-resistant;

  • Suitable for soccer practice;

  • For kids and adults;

  • It can help improve shoot accuracy and strength;

  • The ideal present for soccer enthusiasts;

  • Portable design;

  • Equipped with 3 handles for easy carrying;

  • Dimensions: 45 x 18-inch;

  • Weight: 32.5 pounds.

Product Overview


Soccer Rebounder Sizes Available: 

39in x 16in (100cm x 40cm) | 39in x 24in (100cm x 60cm) | 59in x 16in (150cm x 40cm)Soccer Rebounder Handle Size: 4in x 2in (10cm x 4.5cm)

Soccer Rebound Board Soccer Passing Accuracy Training Aid


Impact resistant polypropylene composite material for enhanced durability and long-lasting performanceMade from lightweight materials, which means the soccer training equipment is easy to carry and take with you


Each available size of the rebounder board for soccer is available as a single or pair option to suit your needsEnhanced portability thanks to the foldable legs allow for easy, flat pack storage, so you can practice anywhereIdeal for constant and repetitive rebounding exercises to improve skills such as passing and shootingAngled legs allow for enhanced grip on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors, so you can solely focus on your practice sessionsCan be used in two different angles to affect the style of rebound, which enables you to work on different skills

MULTI-SKILL TRAINING TOOL – This soccer rebounder is the best way to improve passing technique and ball control, making it perfect for club training as well as home practice. The innovative rebounding wall for soccer is sure to enhance your game.

HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS – Providing a bounce which is conducive of real match conditions, the soccer kickback board has been made from extremely tough impact resistance polypropylene composite material.

EASY TO STORE – Suitable for use on all playing surfaces, this soccer rebounding tool features angled legs which offer superb grip while also folding away for flat pack storage.

DUAL-ANGLE REBOUNDER – The angle of this adjustable soccer rebounder can be altered to suit the specific training drill you’re using it for. The ball trajectory can be tweaked to provide optimal training conditions.

SINGLE OR PAIR – Whether you’re looking for a single soccer rebound training board for solo practice, or stocking up, you can choose between a single trainer or a pair.

Soccer Rebound Board Soccer Passing Accuracy Training Aid | Soccer Rebounder | Soccer Training Equipment | Soccer Rebound Board for Passing & Shooting Practice

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Product Name: Soccer Rebound Board Soccer Passing Accuracy Training Aid