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UHMWPE Dock Bumper

Product Material UHMWPE + rubber

  • Unit Piece: USD45/set

  • Product Size 450 x 250 x 10 cm

  • Weight: 12 kg

Xinxing UHMWPE bumper has a very long life span and is resistant to the most severe wear and tear around a loading bay. A unique galvanised back plate construction with cushioning strips and a polyethylene front wear plate that covers the fixtures. 

Product Overview

Product Description

Many garages and warehouse will have problems when their car or truck enter or exit the garage and wearhouse , the car or truck maybe strike the door or the wall , there will be damages of car, truck ,wall and door . So it is a big headache to customers. We supply many styles of loading dock bumpers.  Choose from Laminated Bumpers, Extruded Bumpers, Molded Bumpers, or Steel Faced Bumpers. 



  • Eliminates wear from up and down friction movement of trailers loading and unloading.

  • Cost effective due to longer wear expectancy and fewer replacement costs.

  • Impervious to weather damage.

  • Maintenance free.

  • 5 year warranty


  • Ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction from up and down trailer movement occurs.

  • Can be used in any material handling system area where heavy duty protection is needed

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Xinxing is the largest Group manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main products include UHMWPE & HDPE sheets,  double colour HDPE sheets and parts, as well as custom machined plastic parts such as, UHMWPE Synthesis of ice, PE hockey shooting board, plastic ice rink barrier, ICE  RINK system, ICE HOKCEY RINK SYSTEM, FLOORBALL RINK, SOCCER REBOUNDER etc. Email: jade@sdxxhg.com

Product Name: UHMWPE Dock Bumper