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Quay wall fendering and Mooring dolphin fendering

UHMW is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with a molecular weight between 5 and 9 million, which is also commonly referred as UHMW, or UHMWPE. 

Quay wall fendering and Mooring dolphin fendering

Product Overview

blue color UHMWPE fender facing panel

uhmwpe fender pad for kinds of rubber fenders

cell rubber fender

cone rubber fender

cylindrical rubber fender

arch rubber fender

marine rubber fenders which are cost effective and efficient solutions to suit any operating environment, condition and requirement. The principle purpose of a rubber fender system is to protect the hull and berthing facility from damage when vessels berth alongside. The fender functions as a shock absorber by absorbing the berthing energy of a vessel on berthing facility. There are many service factors which must be taken into consideration when making a decision on which type and size of fender is best suited for a given application, type of pier structure, type and size of vessel, berthing velocity of vessel, method of berthing, sea currents and wave action. Some of the most common types of marine fenders 

Marine fender sliding pads for the dock and ports. UHMWPE Corrosion and Impact resistant.

The role of our UHMW-PE wear plastic plate polyethylene dock fender panel / high impact uhmwpe marine fender pad:

* Fender: A bumper used to keep boats/ships from banging into docks or each other

* Sea Water: The Most Corrosive water in the world which can corrode anything

* Ships/ Boats: Quite heavily loaded, generate very high impact if banged with any fender

* Properties Required: ZERO Absorption of Water - UHMW PE Highly Resistant with Sea Water - UHMW PE Impact Strength is required, should not break or crack in case it bangs with ship/boat - UHMW PE

* THE BEST SOLUTION: UHMW PE Sheets as facial pad of Marine Fender is the application where most of the UHMW PE properties are exploited.

Marine fender sliding pads for the dock and ports. UHMWPE Corrosion and Impact resistant.

Feature of Marine fender sliding pads:

1. Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistance than steel

2. Anti-weather & anti-aging

3. Self-lubricating and very low coefficient of friction

4. Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant; Stable chemical property and can endure the corrosion of all kind of corrosive medium and organic solvent in certain range of temperature and humidity.

5. Superior impact resistant, noise-absorption and vibration-absorption;

Low water absorption <0.01% water absorption and not affected by temperature.

6. Temperature range: -269℃~+85℃;

Very high resistance to cold, doesn't become fragile even under -180℃.

8. Non-toxic and no odor

9. UV resistance and long service life

10. Good performance in resisting environment stress crack

Application of Marine fender sliding pads:

1. Harbour instruction:

Wear pad to replace wood and rubber

protective quay wall

2. truck dock

fenders for dock plate protection

3. Piling


Wear plate and slides

4. Floating dock

wear plate where dock meets pillage


breasting dolphins fender face pad

mooring dolphins fender face panel




thickness can be 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

many sizes and colors are available, we can CNC machine and finish fender pads per clients' drawings completely



yellow, green, blue, red, white, black, grey


Cone Rubber Fender

Cell Rubber Fender

Arch Rubber Fender

Cylindrical Rubber Fender

Fender panel (frame) face pads 

Rubbing strips 

V-fender shields 

Lock entrance and wall protection 

Bridge buttress protection Beltings on workboats

port/dock/pier/berth/jetty/quay/wharf/ defenses

breasting and mooring dolphins

breasting & mooring dolphins

concrete dolphins

installation of fenders and concrete repair

installation of fenders at coal plant jetty

rehabilitation of Jetty

marine fendering

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Product Name: Quay wall fendering and Mooring dolphin fendering