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HDPE100 Plate White HDPE Plastic Sheet Welding Plastic Board


Size: 1500x3000mm, 1220x2440, or big size and small size
Color: White and black is common, color sheet also can workable.

Product Overview

Premier quality HDPE Sheets for Housing are offered by Xinxing that are used for various commercial purposes. The sheets are demanded for their smooth finish, even structure and toughness.


High Strength & Stiffness

Low Specific Weight

UV stabilized

Outstanding Flexibility

Good Low temp Resistance

Good Abrasion resistance

Weathering Resistance

High Chemical Resistance

Low Thermal Conductivity

Protection from Stress Cracking

Non Toxic & low water absorption

Long Life and Durability

Excellent Weldability

Easy Installation / Skill Availability

Machined parts

Geomembrane sheets

Storage tanks and vessels

Transport Containers

Cover Strips, Baffles, Stack Separators

Electrical Engineering

Corrosion Protection Seals;


Textile cans



Liner for Gas Lines, other Lining jobs


Orthotics and Prostheses

Chemical Flooring

Geo Thermal Applications; Insulation

HPDE:PE 100 , PE 300, PE 80 Standard

HDPE LDPE: Flex Grade

LDPE: Standard

Nova Ortho MDPE

Colors: Black, White, Custom Embossing made to order.

Additional Information:

Port of Dispatch: Qingdao Port

Production Capacity: 1000000 metric tons per year

Delivery Time: 1-4 weeks

Packaging Details: Loose, standard export Pallets or customised as per customer requirement.

Xinxing is the largest Group manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main products include UHMWPE & HDPE sheets,  double colour HDPE sheets and parts, as well as custom machined plastic parts such as, UHMWPE Synthesis of ice, PE hockey shooting board, plastic ice rink barrier, ICE  RINK system, ICE HOKCEY RINK SYSTEM, FLOORBALL RINK, SOCCER REBOUNDER etc. Email: jade@sdxxhg.com

Product Name: HDPE100 Plate White HDPE Plastic Sheet Welding Plastic Board