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UHMWPE Ice Rink Board


UHMWPE Ice Rink Board

Product Overview

UV resistant HDPE sheet for ice skating

UHMWPE Ice Rink Board

UHMWPE sheet for synthetice ice board ice rink system

size 1000x1000mm; 1000x2000mm, 970x1000mm etc;

UHMWPE sheet PE500 PE1000

Ice rink mat synthetic ice rink producer UHMWPE Board Skating Rink

UHMWPE synthetic ice rink/artificial ice skate floor/efficient ice hockey skate dryer

Hot sale sytnthetic uce rink board is made from the 100% virgin materials of UHMWPE owns the performances of self -lubrication,wear-resistance, esily maintaining long -service lift and so on. with ice

rink board, you can enjoy the pleasure of fast and furious indoor and outdoor in winter or summer.

UHMWPE Ice Rink Board

UHMWPE Ice Rink Board

Specifications of uhmwpe synthetic ice rink/  / artificial rink

     Standard sizes as follows:

     610mm (L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(2' x 4')

    1220mm(L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 4')

    1220mm(L) x 2440mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 8')

    1000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)

    1500mm(L) x 1500mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)

    1000mm(L) x 3000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)


Hockey skill pads / synthetic ice / artificial rink can be made at no extra charge for cutting. Contact us for a quote on the specific size you require.

Advantage of  uhmwpe  synthetic ice rink / artificial rink


     • Less expensive than real ice

     • The right size for any space

     • Any climate, any season

     • Feels just like real ice

     • Bo chillers or compressors

     • No noise pollution

     • No electricity cost

     • Completely recyclable


Application of uhmwpe synthetic ice rink aboard 

some training facilities

entertainment and holiday village

hotel and children's slide 

ice sports event, fairs and thyeatres, etc

shopping centres

ice-sports such as ice hockey and figure skate, etc. 

the middle or large amusement parks

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Product Name: UHMWPE Ice Rink Board