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uhmwpe material super glide ice skating rink synthetic ice panel

1.  Hard surface, low friction        

2.  UV Stable
3.  Can be used in any climate
4. Will not Warp/ Crack or Distort
5. Water and Chemical Resistant
6. Seamless Finish for Safer Skating
7. Longer service lifetime of not less than 15years
8. Built and Dismantled Quickly
9. Completely recyclable
10. Reduce cost and save water and electricity.

Product Overview

synthetic ice skating rink plastic artificial ice hockey rink

Xinxing ICE Rrink panel adopts 100% pure new UHMWPE material which has more than 4.5million molecular weight .Our uhmwpe ice skating rink are fabricated from the UHMWPE material which has self-lubricating properties that could enhance the rink slick experience .

Advantages :
· Ice skating is possible 365 days a year!
· Indoor and outdoor usage
· suitable for fixed and mobile ice skating rinks due to its simple and quick installation
· Low cost of ownership: no water and electricity are needed
· Simple maintenance
· Long product lifetime of more than 10 years
· Ecologically and environmentally friendly
· Completely recyclable
· Useage with the usual ice skating equipment

· Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centres
· Home training installations :shooting zones, stick handing
· Ice-hockey, speed and figure skating, curling
· Shopping centers
· Sport shops
· Events, fairs, theatres, etc.
· Hotel
· Entertainment and holiday parks.

The properties of synthetic ice rink/artificial ice rinks/ice rink

Tensile strength (23°C in air)MPa22
Breaking strengthMPa42
Tensile strain at break%600
Ball indentation hardnessN/mm242
Shore D hardness--65-70
Abrasion%70-80, steel = 100


Photo of ice skating rink

1 backyard ice rinks.jpg

ice rink panel.jpg

synthetic ice panel.jpg

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Product Name: uhmwpe material super glide ice skating rink synthetic ice panel